In the military cartography of Anton von Zach dating back to the eighteenth century, it can be seen in this area the presence of some isolated buildings.
The complex belonged to the Lords Bion from Padua, who acquired the property from the Abbey of Sesto al Reghena at the end of the eighteenth century.
From the mid-nineteenth century the property belonged to the Morassutti Family that designed it as the corporate agricultural center.
The church of St. Anthony, dating back to 1850, does suggest that during that time the building was constructed or renovated.
The current configuration of the garden was created, towards the middle of the twentieth century, by the architect Bruno Morassutti, who spent long periods of time in the house.
In the last decade, the garden has hosted numerous artistic events, such as workshops and exhibitions, organized by the owners.
These opportunities have allowed to enrich the park with works of art made by the participants.

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Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence is an international art residency for artistic production and research that combines art, environmental sustainability, and Eco-therapy practices. It focuses on the development of the creative process, facilitating cultural exchange across borders. The venue is located near the Comune of Sesto al Reghena in the north-eastern Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

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