“Contact ” – sound installation by Lorena Larraz, Saturday, January 20th at 18.00 h-Berlin

Art Aia-La Dolce Berlin is pleased to invite you to “Contact ” a sound installation by Lorena Larraz on Saturday, January 20th, 2018 at 18.00 h at our venue.

 Testimonies of abuse and trauma are daily shared on the internet and social media, redefining our processes of sedimentation, internalization, and expulsion of information, while offering a space for discussion and to question our social and mental structures.Accompanying Silvia Federici in the conjugation of capitalism (Calibán and the Witch,2004) we discover how we have ended up confronting a system whose linguistics, spatiality, bureaucracy, and politics, undermine the condition of the ‘other’. The social body, bureaucratic organisms and our modes of behavior follow the rear of the frictions evidenced in the online space and demonstrate our lack of means to face and subvert the violent foundations of our society.

‘Contact’ emerges as an analysis of the influence that the internet and social networks exert in the configuration of our means of empathy and assimilation of violence. Using Matlab programming language, different testimonies of abuses shared online, images and texts, have been translated to obtain three RGB matrices adaptable to the audible sound spectrum. The audios are propagated later in the gallery’s space through 3 synchronized speakers, recreating a conversation of digital noises and questioning our communicational in/ability and emotional literacy.

Artist´s Bio/Statement

Lorena Larraz (b. 1993, Huesca) is a Spanish artist based in Berlin. Having studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid (2011-2016), her work has been exhibited internationally, including shows at the Feevale University (Novo Hamburgo, BR), Sala AMADIS Injuve (Madrid, SP), White Concepts Gallery (Berlin, GE), amongst others.

She is interested in our current understanding of otherness, our modes of internalization of violence and the various relationships and dynamics that they generate. She has been recently awarded an Ayllón Scholarship for Artistic Residencies, by the Painting and Restoration Department of the UCM, and received the prize City of Ayllón. Previously she has also been awarded by the Santander Bank and Spain’s Ministry of Education and Culture.