Our friend Sadya Mizan is launching the 5th Project of “URONTO”

URONTO is an artist community who are in a new way working toward documenting a sector of memories of old architectural existences through any discipline of Art. Basically “URONTO” Residential Art Exchange Program is a meeting place for creative individuals to work with a common theme and space, but in different languages. Visual artists, photographers, writers, film maker, architect, musicians and performing artists are only a few disciplines who will be participating at these gatherings, which will often take place in rustic landscapes, whether it be old, abandoned houses or camp out in rural communities and mostly to any soon-to-be dumped or finished place or natural atmosphere.
The aim of the program is to accommodate and sustain an organic environment for the artists to fall in rhythm with the natural sphere and project their insights amongst fellow artists, ultimately creating a reverberating atmosphere to inspire further projects.
“URONTO” works toward documenting the relation of time and space and the changes of spaces with time, through art practice of any discipline. Participants of each project are invited to portray the history, stories, myth, values or anything about the architectural structure or house or building chosen for every episode.
We do believe that every form of art is inter-related and also it has its own prosper strength individually indeed. Therefore we invite artist of any creative discipline to participate, so that we can have a unique documentation of the theme in enormous variation of artistic media. Where a writer might produce literary pieces or an article; an artist might prepare a painting or an installation piece while a musician may create a tune/number based on mood, history and atmosphere of the place.
Guideline of the project:
Venue: PK Sen Building, Sadarghat, Chittagong.
Date: 22-29 July 2016
Reporting Date: 22July 2016 at
Working dates: 23-28 July 2016
Open studio day: 29 & 30 July 2016