Peter Cvik-Substance of Painting- Thursday December 8th at 6-30 pm. Berlin

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to announce the solo-show
of Peter Cvik at La Dolce Berlin art-space.

Substance of Painting –

– “From my point of view the main topic is mapping the different principles of using painting and non-painting tools for constructing the contemporary pictures. I am used to work in medium of painting but something matured in me this Year. The questions I am asking myself before touching any tools are for example: What is image now? What does it represent? What is the purpose of painting? Which way of expression to choose?

I used to paint very different using digital postproduction of sketch in softwares such as photoshop etc. After, I decided to change myself. Now I am ready for going deeper in the substance or material or medium itself. Nowadays I am able to compose pictures with using of any digital devices and I am enjoying it a lot.
Painting is an object. It is the representation or interpretation of something, something that we can observe. Anyway It can be done in pure abstract form / not painted it in realistic way.

I am mostly inspired by moments that we usually do not care about nowadays. I would describe it as observation of daily life. I am picking the colours on base I have seen during my walks out of studio or even inside where I work on daily basis. By this method I can work on abstract works that can be considered as disorder of realistic view. It gives me freedom to express my ideas such as metaphysical principles in landscape, interiors and still life.

I can say that the series that I show in Berlin are sort of zooming in from landscape to still-life so they are very traditional/ post-modern in motives of painting. Post-modern is mostly working with derivations of chosen artistic principles that comes out in a form of one piece. This is the base for my work as well. I am focusing on old-masters and avant-garde painting that I am switching to contemporary use of paint.

What I show at my exhibition, it can be described easily as well as surrealistic abstract paintings. They are not showing the objects by typical method of narrative painting but the freedom of working with real space and subject of painting and the consideration of painting as medium.

– Valerio Mazzetti Rossi
Art Curator