Mariana Panchuk-Sometimes the results surprise me-Drawings-Berlin

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to announce the drawings exhibition of Mariana Panchuk on March 24th at 6:00 pm.
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“Creating my drawings is a matter of psychological analysis and catharsis for me. When the accumulated baggage of thoughts, emotions, and senses has not been expressed in the verbal or another form, there comes a need to release that tension. The way I do this is oftentimes through drawing.
The inspiration for my work comes not primarily from manifestations of the material world, but rather from my mental experiences. One could say that the subject of my art is the result of immersing deeper into my inner nature. Visual art is an outlet that allows me to pursue and explore my own feelings and sensations.
In my early artistic work, the creation process used to be completely spontaneous for me, from beginning to end. Before starting a work, I would not even think about its topic and title. I would simply put a sheet of paper in front of me and let my hands create, putting aside any expectations over the final result and watching what was coming out.
Two years ago, I got a new source of inspiration in a very unexpected way. Deeply affected by it I created the artwork “Maybe You Are”, which has since come to mark the transition to a new phase of my artistic development, as well as having begun the present project “UNSPOKEN”. Since then my work has become more conceptual. Before I begin the process of drawing I already have an idea and a notion of the form I want it to be expressed in. Nevertheless, while working on the detailing I just let the subconscious mind take over. Sometimes the results surprise me.
Naturally, each drawing has its own special significance for the author. If you ask what meaning this or that art piece holds for me, I can certainly tell you about each of them. But at the same time, I do not like to impose any frames of perception to the audience. The viewer is given the freedom of finding their own associations and understanding. Very often in the same picture one person finds their own vision that is quite different from another. Thus, the intention of my artwork is to help reveal what lies in the subconscious mind of the beholder as a reflection of their inner world, not only the of artist’s but also the viewer’s.”