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1985, olio su tela, 240×147

It is open at the Ex opificio Villa dei Cedri Valdobbiadene, Italy the solo exhibition by Paolo del Giudice.

Featuring some of his works realized in interiors since 1985 the exhibition will be open until Juy 23rd, 2023.

More info can be found here

Below you can download Paolo del Giudice’s catalog

Create the Future 

A report on the International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts held by TransCulturalExchange in Boston, USA.

Many thanks to Climate Cultures and Editor Mark Goldthorpe for publishing the article.

You can read the full article on ClimateCultures .

ALP : The Power of the Element by Anna Drozd-Tutaj

“The power of the element” by Anna Drozd-Tutaj

The Power of the Element
Linearity and simplicity are the characteristics of The Power of the Element by Anna Drozd-Tutaj, whose installation was awarded by the judges of the 16th edition of Arte Laguna Prize.

Read the article in Italian by Emma Drocco on Exibart

Arte Laguna Prize Exhibition – Opening

The collective exhibition of Arte Laguna Prize is back in the iconic spaces of the Arsenale Nord in Venice, presents the finalists of the 16th and 17th edition. During the evening you can enjoy the live performances and take part in the Award Ceremony.

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Art Aia – Creatives In Residence is pleased to promote Arte Laguna Prize

Art Aia – Creatives is glad to promote Arte Laguna Prize, an international art competition open to multiple disciplines – visual, performing, multimedia, landscape and digital arts – for the enhancement of contemporary art and the mapping of its current state. It was created in 2006 to give the opportunity to art talents, more or less young, to emerge, to be noticed by the general public and by the jury composed of important names in the contemporary art scene, as well as to allow a democratic comparison between international artists .

The virtuous circle of Foundations, Museums, Galleries, Residences and Spaces for Art, Made in Italy Companies and International Brands, allows the realization of special projects and concrete opportunities for growth and momentum for the professional career of artists.

Since 2022 our founder Giovanni Morassutti, is among the ambassadors of the Arte Laguna Prize, disseminating opportunities for artists at an international level. 

Applications to Special Prizes to collaborate with the international partners are still open until December 22.

Apply here !

TransCultural Exchange’s 2022 International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts

Art Aia – Creatives In Residence’ founder Giovanni Morassutti has been invited by the TransCultural Exchange to speak at the Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts which will take place in Boston Massachusetts on November 2022.

Giovanni Morassutti during Climate Change Theatre Action in 2021.

Morassutti will focus on environmental, and sustainable art practices providing artists direct access to understanding Climate Change via artist in residence programme.
The afternoon session will take place on Sunday November 6th from 2:15 – 4:00 pm and it will be moderated by Jane D. Marsching, Arts, Professor and Sustainability Fellow, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Other presentes include Julian Calleros, Founder, ACRAR, Anima Casa Rural Artists in Residency, Mexico, Janeil Engelstad, Founding Director, Make Art with Purpose; Embedded Artist, Institute of Innovation and Global Engagement, University of Washington, Gordon Knox, Founder, WEAVE: Ecology-based International Learning Spaces, and Ute Meta Bauer, International Curator; Professor, School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University; and Founding Director of the NTU CCA Singapore.

More information here

Artist Mary Bluestocking Highlights Russian War Crimes by Reproducing Mariupol Plea for Mercy

Video still from “дети II” / “Deti II”.
Multimedia installation with video
component, by Mary Bluestocking, March 19th, 2022. Italy.

Mary Bluestocking is a Latvian-American contemporary artist who is currently producing multi- media work focused on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Bluestocking’s first major work as part of her For Ukraine project, is the large-scale installation “дети II” / “Deti II” (Russian for “Children II”), which is a recreation of the writing on the ground at theater/shelter in Mariupol, Ukraine which was shelled by the Russians on March 16th. Even now, hundreds are believed to still be trapped. The “Deti II” installation by Bluestocking included a drone video recording. A short-version of the video was posted on social media and is meant to serve, currently, as a vigil to the victims of Russia’s attack on the theater. The Deti series is ultimately meant as a narrative body, in direct opposition to the Russian administration’s own narrative of being “rescuers” of the Ukrainian people from “genocidal fascists”. The series pinpoints and emphasizes the critical detail of the Mariupol theater scene which makes it plain to see that Putin and his administration are guilty of war crimes. The series seeks to raise awareness among those confused by the mixed messaging, censorship and disinformation in the media and it calls for acknowledgement that Putin and his administration are guilty of war crimes. “Dety II” was conceived, and executed at Art Aia – Creatives In Residence – an art center in the Comune of Sesto al Reghena in the North-Eastern Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy, where Bluestocking is currently doing an art residency until March 27th.
Since the publication of “Dety II” on instagram, Facebook and Youtube on March 19th, “dety” pieces by other artists, featuring the word in Cyrrilic, writ large on the ground have begun to appear around the world, such as a “dety” piece at the square of the Czech National Theatre in Prague on March 22nd by a number of people including Oldřich Morys, and another “dety” piece which appeared on March 24th, at the Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw by the Dramatyczny Kolektyw . The nature of the connection between these later, “dety” – installations and Bluestocking’s is yet unknown.

More about Mary Bluestocking:

Bluestocking holds a bachelor of fine art in visual art from the State University of New York, Purchase College, School of Visual Arts, USA and a master of arts in international migration and ethnic relations from Malmö, University, Sweden. She has observed five Ukrainian elections as an international
observer in the regions of Kyiv, Cherkasy, Dnipro and Khmelnytskyi.

Instagram: @marybluestocking


Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence is very pleased to be featured on Econote.

Photo by Alan Morassut

What is Econote ?

Econote is an independent magazine and a cultural association: a project born in Naples in March 2008 by Marianna Sansone, journalist and graduate in sociology, always attentive to issues of sustainability.

Read the full article by Antonio Benforte here

Climate Change Theatre Action 2021

Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence,  in collaborazione con the Arctic Cycle, presenta il progetto Climate Change Theatre Action, una serie di letture e spettacoli di brevi opere teatrali scritte da drammaturghi di tutto il mondo sul tema del cambiamento climatico e del Green New Deal. Un progetto che invita le comunità territoriali ad intraprendere azioni per  sensibilizzare sull’emergenza climatica. Il progetto e´organizzato anche dal Center for Sustainable Practices in the Arts con cui Morassutti aveva già collaborato nel 2018 nella residenza Ate in pratiche artistiche sostenibili.

Le dichiarazioni di Giovanni Morassutti :

“Amo la mia terra e la pandemia mi ha fatto prendere consapevolezza di voler tornare alle mie origini. Sto lavorando ad un’iniziativa internazionale di teatro che rispecchia il mio impegno verso l’ambiente. Intendo sensibilizzare il pubblico sul cambiamento climatico e sul Green New Deal organizzando un evento sulle rive del fiume Tagliamento, a simbolo della sua autenticità come fiume morfologicamente intatto.Avevo già collaborato con  il Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts e grazie a Google Arts & Culture abbiamo fatto conoscere ad un pubblico internazionale le pratiche artistiche in funzione della sostenibilità ambientale. Spero che queste iniziative come altre a seguire possano sensibilizzare i fruitori su temi legati al riscaldamento globale, al cambiamento climatico e al rischio che sta correndo la biodiversità. Ritengo che il teatro, come tutte le arti, abbia il compito di sensibilizzare il pubblico su temi così urgenti”.

Residenze artistiche di art aia – creatives / in / residence

Le residenze artistiche proposte da Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence rappresentano un progetto culturale legato alle arti multidisciplinari in cui viene fornito ad alcuni artisti il supporto logistico per permettere la realizzazione dei loro progetti. Le residenze artistiche durano generalmente due o tre settimane fino ad un massimo di un mese, programmate in base alle esigenze degli artisti e al calendario delle attività del centro culturale. Il concetto di residenza artistica non è solo una cura per l’ospitalità e la produzione degli artisti, che possono trovare lo spazio, il tempo e le risorse per dedicarsi completamente al loro lavoro, ma permette anche di immergersi in un contesto naturale traendo ispirazione dal silenzio della campagna incontaminata. In altre parole, il processo creativo si sviluppa in una modalità lenta e riflessiva in opposizione alla rincorsa frenetica che caratterizza i nostri tempi. Gli artisti possono interagire con la natura fisica dell’ambiente in un’atmosfera rilassata.

L’artista Berlinese Karl Heinz Jeron nel 2018

Singoli artisti o gruppi possono fare richiesta di lavorare alla fase iniziale di nuovi progetti artistici, senza l’obbligo di presentare i risultati o di lavorare alla fase finale di nuovi progetti artistici, con la possibilità di condividere il risultato in anteprima davanti al pubblico. Tra i candidati, i giovani artisti hanno la priorità, ma non vengono escluse le richieste di artisti maturi o affermati. Durante la residenza, le persone possono risiedere presso la Art Aia – Guest House e utilizzare lo spazio e le attrezzature disponibili nel centro. Alcune residenze artistiche si evolvono anche in vere e proprie produzioni. La residenza artistiche mirano anche ad una crescita sociale e culturale della comunità locale, amalgamandosi con le esigenze e le potenzialità del comune di Sesto al Reghena e della Provincia di Pordenone. Queste residenze promuovono anche la ricerca e decongestionano l’offerta delle grandi città sviluppando la creatività della provincia e delle zone rurali. Negli ultimi anni le residenze artistiche di Art Aia -Creatives / In / Residence si sono focalizzate sulla ricerca, la produzione, il dialogo e la diffusione della sostenibilita´nelle arti, attraverso un progetto artistico innovativo e sperimentale contestualizzato in spazi non convenzionali dove gli artisti hanno sviluppato le loro pratiche legate all’ecologia. Infine il centro culturale propone residenze che combinano l’espressione artistica con la consapevolezza psicologica e la comunicazione attraverso pratiche di eco-terapia che possono portarci in uno stato di profondo rilassamento sentendoci connessi con la natura, espandendo la connessione mente-corpo-spirito. Queste residenze mirano a potenziare la consapevolezza di sé invitando la natura nell’alleanza terapeutica. Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence, pur lavorando anche a livello locale, rivolge la sua proposta di residenze artistiche a livello internazionale al fine di sviluppare il turismo culturale.