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Giovanni Enrico Morassutti is an Italian actor, theatre director, writer, artist and cultural entrepreneur. He is a graduate of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and long time student and collaborator of John Strasberg. In 2016 he wrote the preface of the Italian version of Strasberg´s book Accidentally on Purpose (Per scelta, per caso. Oltre l'Actors Studio). Giovanni Morassutti is a Goodreads Author.

Since March 2020 Art Aia is part of French Platform EasyClap

Théophile Steinlen’s famous advertisement for the tour of Le Chat Noir cabaret

In March 2020 Art Aia has joined the Online Platform EasyClap which is the first social network that brings together the world’s creative ecosystem on an all-in-one platform for artists, art collectives, media houses and art galleries. Art Aia will display on the platform the works of its artists as well as sharing information about the residency programs. Interviews, featured articles and podcasts published by Art Aia on Google News will also be reaching an highly engaged audience thanks to EasyClap press area dedicated to contemporary art.

More information about Art Aia on EasyClap 

The 51st Art Basel has been Postponed to September. Honk Kong edition allow potential buyers to browse and buy artworks directly online. 

art basel q1
Public Art Project on Tour in Basel, Manfred Kielnhofer, Design Miami / Basel
Art Basel, one of the art world’s biggest events, has been postponed as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread all over Europe.
The Art fair in Switzerland, was due to take place in June (18th- 21st) but organizers said  that the decision to postpone was reached with the goal of both protecting the health and safety of their community, and ensuring that the fair will be attended by the largest possible number of collectors, curators, and arts professionals from the fair’s global network.
The 51st year edition of the fair will be probably be postponed to September and galleries may need some time to consider if they want to participate. There will be no costs associated for galleries that choose not to participate.
Similar scenario for the visitors who can use their tickets if already purchased  or cancel and receive a reimbursement.
In Switzerland there have been over 10,000 infections and 153 deaths as a result of the virus and the country has moved to restrict non-essential travel.
Only Swiss residents and citizens or people traveling for work-related or emergency reasons, will be permitted to enter.
The Swiss fair has an edition also in Hong Kong and Miami . Organizers had already arranged digital exhibiting rooms, which allowed potential buyers to browse and buy artworks from the Hong Kong fair directly online. 
Art Basel’s Miami Beach edition is still scheduled to happen in December 2020.
More info on the New York Times

Artist-run Alliance features Art Aia Initiatives

International platform for artist run initiatives Artist Run Alliance features Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence Initiatives. The platform,organized by the Alfred Institute for Art and Culture, typically includes artist co-operatives, independent galleries and art spaces and came about trough a need for artist run initiatives in many parts of the world to connect and interact through a global network, in the process building relationships based on a shared vision. Art Aia has also been added to their platform which is featuring initiatives of Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence in Italy and Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin including up-to-date information of activities, events and happenings.
ARA maps artist run initiatives in far-flung places around the globe, enable mentor ship and knowledge sharing and provide models and funding solutions for new art initiatives. The Artist Run Alliance is an ongoing, developing project whose primary focus is to cater to the international art community, but also intent on engaging the general public.

Read more information about Art Aia on Artist-run Alliance

Coantivirus International Online Art Exhibition.

Art Aia – Creatives/ In / Residence has been invited by Nongyuan International Art Village to cooperate on an international art project: Coantivirus International Online Art Exhibition. Artists, designers, art students or groups, art lovers from various disciplines all over the world are welcome to send their art pieces related to the theme of Coronavirus. Coantivirus International Online Art Exhibition is an Online Exhibition that will be updated regularly on Nongyuan International Art Village official website.

Here an intro from NY20 :

“In the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19)
makes great impacts on China. But Chinese people are united and
determined to fight against the COVID-19 and, thankfully, continue
receiving help and support from many other countries.
With the rapid development of modern society, the world is closely
connected. Globalization obliges the international community to bear and
contemplate various challenges together. Like other disasters or issues,
virus outbreak is a challenge not the only country faces; while fighting
against the virus is to fight with fate for a better life, the mutual wish of
Instant measures taken to contain the coronavirus outbreak, by China,
stabilizes the domestic situation, which earns appreciation but also
misunderstanding. Some exaggerated rhetoric and prejudices try to
disturb the public opinion. However, we should realize that when human
beings are confronted with same suffering, misunderstandings will only
make people suffer more and warmth is what we all need.
Art is like a kind of medicine, relieving pains and creating warmth for
people who are suffering; meanwhile, it is a tool, which can be used to
record, express, communicate, encourage and reflect in difficulties,
despite of time, space, language, religion and etc… We should initiatively
use it to provide a platform for sincere, decent and humanitarian art
expression, and to embrace objective public opinion about the COVID-19,
which is why we want to start this International Online Art Exhibition.

When the coronavirus broke out, are there some people who have to
stay alone away from home, or unable to fall asleep due to panic, or
wander and feel lost? … Each individual constitute the collective society
and their life the true image of the time and event. Art should reflect its
times, which we called “empathy”. During this difficult period that
empathy is increasingly needed, is it not unnecessary for us to restore the
art into the life?
This international online art exhibition is on an independent and
nonprofit website. We call for artists and art lovers at home and abroad to
record what they know, see, feel and think since COVID-19 occurs.
We hope this will be a channel where the international art community
would know more about the epidemic situation, authentic materials for art
creation can be provided, and misunderstandings and anxieties can
relieved. We look forward to hearing about the most real thoughts and
showing the truest state of people during the outbreak. We sincerely long
to increase the possibility of communication and mutual understanding,
and let the vital function of art, warming the soul, return. In the midst of
common adversity, hope art can cross borders, truly touch the bottom of
heart, convey love and help selves and others though we’re oceans apart.”

For more information and to download the application form please click here 2020 Coantivirus International Online Art Exhibition.


Art Aia Artist residency program joins Artists In Residence TV

Art Aia – Creatives/ In / Residence is partnering with Artists In Residence TV, the audiovisual platform dedicated to art residency programs, that will be featuring its video contents about Artist residency programs.

This year, Artists In Residence TV will launch an Intranet project called AIRtvPro where Artist residency managers will be able to share their open-calls and events, in addition to have complete access to the information they want to share with the artists. Artists In Residence TV representatives have traveled for two years in Latin America to list the residencies of the region and they interviewed more than 1000 founders, residency managers, artists and curators.

Art Aia programs like the Cross-disciplinary Artist Residency Program and its partnerships like the Arts Territory Exchange Residency in Sustainable Practice and the Uronto Residential Art Exchange Program will be featured by Artists In Residence TV so that more people will get information about open calls, management, communication, funding and more.

Art Aia and Uronto Artist Community. An Art Exchange Program Like Never Before

Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence collaborates with Artist-Led Open Collective Uronto Artist Community affiliated with Art Initiative Bangladesh-AIB. Its founder Giovanni Morassutti has been part of the selection board along with independent curator Sadya Mizan and he has co-curated the 8th and 9th Episode of the Uronto Residential Art Exchange Program. “It was a long journey by bus and when we reached the destination, it was dark all around. She came with a torch with two other young men after a while to show us the way to a small house located next to a huge pond which is going to be our residence for the next two weeks. We are here to trace the history of an unknown palace of Naogaon District. I had goose bumps in that winter evening, not because of the mist all around but owing to the thrill that was in store for us.” This is how one of the participants from the residency program shared the experience of going to a remote area with a view to exploring a 200-year-old palace (Rajbari).

Dubolhati Rajbari located in Naogaon, Bangladesh

URONTO Artist Community has been doing the job of conserving age-old heritage for a long time. They reconnect with the lost memories of forgotten places through inter-disciplinary contemporary artistic interventions. They create opportunities to share the joy of connecting to cultural histories through empowering current generations with knowledge. The ‘URONTO Residential Art Exchange Program’ is one of the major yearly initiatives they have been organizing since 2012.
For many people heritage conservation is a western approach that is limited to collecting and showcasing age-old materials in a museum. But this residency program is a unique idea for heritage conservation that came from a very young girl. While asked about the journey Sadya Mizan, the founder and director of URONTO Artists Community, said, “I visited my grandparents’ residence located in the Baul capital Kushtia for the first time when I was a student. Standing inside the house I visualized everything that I have heard during my childhood. All of a sudden I realized how art can be a strong tool for alternative conservation.” Her desire to do something noble brought in URONTO, an art exchange program that collaborates with researchers, activists, painters, sculptors, installation artists, visual artists, performance artists, photographers, musicians, sound artists, craftsmen, textile designers, writers and historians or simply anyone who connects to old architectures and can showcase their time spent there in a creative way. URONTO’s activities not only provide much-needed opportunities for Bangladeshi artists to expand their arena and collaborate with international artists, but through each residency program they create a body of alternative documentation about the history of the selected sites.
The 8th and 9th episode of the residency program was held recently at Dubolhati Rajbari located in Naogaon. This year the episodes were co-curated by Sadya Mizan and Giovanni Morassutti (Germany). Around 30 multidisciplinary artists came from 10 different countries to explore this little-known zaminder bari. The artists had their own medium to form ideas about the buildings by working on the history, differences between past and present state and other aesthetical views.
Read the full article on Daily Sun