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Art Aia - Creatives / In / Residence is an international art residency located near the comune of Sesto al Reghena in the north-eastern Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It's a place for artistic production and research that focuses on the development of the creative process and facilitates cultural exchange across borders.

squeeze it contest 2023. Trieste Contemporanea

triestecontemporanea. dialogues with the art of central eastern europe is pleased to announce the fourth edition of the SQUEEZE IT competition.

The contest asks to artists and young professionals under the age of 30, born in the EU countries and in the CEI member states, to squeeze their talent and work at the crossroads of three creative languages: Visual Arts, Digital Technology and Theatre.

The competition is officially open, and all participants will have the chance to win the online squeeze it award and/or the Franco Jesurun Award.
The finalists, and the winner of the squeeze it online award, will attend a 3-day workshop and mentorship in Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy, held by a qualified and international network of professionals.

The winner of the Franco Jesurun Award selected by the jury will have the unique opportunity to be directed by Vladimir Nikolić (Last solo exhibition: Walking With Water, Pavilion Serbia, 59th Venice Biennale, 2022).

More info at squeeze it contest 2023

Create the Future 

A report on the International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts held by TransCulturalExchange in Boston, USA.

Many thanks to Climate Cultures and Editor Mark Goldthorpe for publishing the article.

You can read the full article on ClimateCultures .

ALP : The Power of the Element by Anna Drozd-Tutaj

“The power of the element” by Anna Drozd-Tutaj

The Power of the Element
Linearity and simplicity are the characteristics of The Power of the Element by Anna Drozd-Tutaj, whose installation was awarded by the judges of the 16th edition of Arte Laguna Prize.

Read the article in Italian by Emma Drocco on Exibart

Arte Laguna Prize Exhibition – Opening

The collective exhibition of Arte Laguna Prize is back in the iconic spaces of the Arsenale Nord in Venice, presents the finalists of the 16th and 17th edition. During the evening you can enjoy the live performances and take part in the Award Ceremony.

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Art Aia – Creatives In Residence is pleased to promote Arte Laguna Prize

Art Aia – Creatives is glad to promote Arte Laguna Prize, an international art competition open to multiple disciplines – visual, performing, multimedia, landscape and digital arts – for the enhancement of contemporary art and the mapping of its current state. It was created in 2006 to give the opportunity to art talents, more or less young, to emerge, to be noticed by the general public and by the jury composed of important names in the contemporary art scene, as well as to allow a democratic comparison between international artists .

The virtuous circle of Foundations, Museums, Galleries, Residences and Spaces for Art, Made in Italy Companies and International Brands, allows the realization of special projects and concrete opportunities for growth and momentum for the professional career of artists.

Since 2022 our founder Giovanni Morassutti, is among the ambassadors of the Arte Laguna Prize, disseminating opportunities for artists at an international level. 

Applications to Special Prizes to collaborate with the international partners are still open until December 22.

Apply here !

TransCultural Exchange’s 2022 International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts

Art Aia – Creatives In Residence’ founder Giovanni Morassutti has been invited by the TransCultural Exchange to speak at the Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts which will take place in Boston Massachusetts on November 2022.

Giovanni Morassutti during Climate Change Theatre Action in 2021.

Morassutti will focus on environmental, and sustainable art practices providing artists direct access to understanding Climate Change via artist in residence programme.
The afternoon session will take place on Sunday November 6th from 2:15 – 4:00 pm and it will be moderated by Jane D. Marsching, Arts, Professor and Sustainability Fellow, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Other presentes include Julian Calleros, Founder, ACRAR, Anima Casa Rural Artists in Residency, Mexico, Janeil Engelstad, Founding Director, Make Art with Purpose; Embedded Artist, Institute of Innovation and Global Engagement, University of Washington, Gordon Knox, Founder, WEAVE: Ecology-based International Learning Spaces, and Ute Meta Bauer, International Curator; Professor, School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University; and Founding Director of the NTU CCA Singapore.

More information here

Soul market.

Clowning on economical issues

Iika Hartikainen rehearsing Soulmarket in the Art Aia Rehearsal Space

Art Aia – Creatives In Residence is pleased to welcome the art project Soul Market by Iika Hartikainen and Sinikka Lumiluoto.

Performances of the project
First edition of Soul Market was inspired by the global economy, its theories and effects on everyone’s lives.

For the performance the artists studied their own habits of consuming and were living in a shared and circular economy. Performance about consumerism in the form of an economic conference took place in an amphi theatre in Espoo, Finland, June 2021.

Iika Hartikainen and Sinikka Lumiluoto are a duo of professionals in clowning and physical theatre based in Helsinki, Finland who have met met in a clown course organized by 2015 Theatre Metamorfoosi and directed by Giovanni Fusetti which led to MetaCLOWNS solo nights in 2016 in Helsinki. The MetaClowns project focused on solo and themed work. They were also interested in applying clowning in semi-public spaces together with another art form. With the support of the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Iika and Sinikka created the Expert Touring performance concept in 2019 at the Kerava Art and Museum Center and made different versions in several other art museums in Finland.