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Many people don’t take advantage of the possibility to enhance their presence on Google . Most of the people thinks that Knowledge panels are automatically generated. This is true to a certain extent. Knowledge panels are triggered with information that comes from various sources but it is also possible to contribute in this process , you just need to delegate us to be your online presence managers and you can be verified.
Creative people as well as organizations needs to present themselves at their best and today the web is the first resource where people look at to find out more about the person and its career.We at Art Aia -ValueYourSelf can help to make sure your online presence at its best . We can write an article on Wikipedia respecting their guidelines , add your information into the right platforms and social networks , write fresh content that can rank your query, get you some interviews and much more. We don’t sell followers or likes but we work on creating your online persona based on your values and we make sure that Google returns that information.

How Art Aia -ValueYourSelf can value your online presence?

Goal: Increase visibility through content creation, online property optimization, Wikimedia projects and social media management.

Defining your values and how would you like to express yourself online: We would discuss with you your main values as an artist and organization by asking you what would you like to express about yourself on the web. We will audit your online properties to check your online presence and we will make a plan to reinforce and built your personal image online.
Create & Optimize online Properties: We can help you to make sure search engines are finding your online properties (website, social media, etc). We will optimize them for your target keyword so that google can rank them high in search results. We will also create additional profiles with your updated biography so that google can crawl fresh content.
Google My Business Optimization: We will create and optimize your Google My Business panel by adding useful information, images and posts.
Generate a Google Knowledge Graph : We can create a KG and as your official managers we will suggest Google adding more information to your panel. References suggestions have a better chance to appear on the KG.

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Social Media Management: We will update your social media profiles keeping these active by sharing your written content on a weekly basis.
Content Creation: We will maintain authority on your properties by posting each month news and content with the specific goal of increasing visibility among your target audience.We will also write blog posts each month focusing on your activities.
Google News: We will create posts with updated information that will be visible on Google News @ News-Art Aia -Creatives / In / Residence   

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