Nicole Kehrberger. Masterclass by award-winning actress. April 13-24. Berlin

Nicole Kehrberger is a German award-winning actress, aerial artist acrobat, performer, voice actor and acting teacher based in Berlin. During her career she has worked with several theatre directors from all over the world such as Antonio Latella, Joss Houben, Stefane Lebard, Wolfram Hundhammer, Naruna Kaplan de Macedo, John Mc Mullin,Jean Martin Moncéro, Peter Key, Cédric Behrel among others. In 2005 she also co-produced the UBU prize award-winning theatre production of the “Study on Medea” directed by Antonio Latella and won several awards.Nicole Keherberger total theatre international

Nicole Kehrberger has a long lasting experience on international stages and parallel to her career as a performer she is also a master teacher.

Since 1995 she has lead workshops on acrobatics and dance all over the world and from year 2000 she also started teaching acting to students from the US, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, Australia and Germany. In 2005 she founded the theater association Totales Theater International together with artists from different artistic and national backgrounds.

In 2011 she founded her own school (International Theater Summer School) and created “The Barfuss Theater”, a theatre and performance space that she runs together with her partner Italian actor Michele Andrei.

International Theatre Summer School

Over the past 13 years she has also worked as master teacher at the Ecole Philippe Gaulier, where she had taught acting, acrobatics, dance, vocal and movement.

Nicole Kehrberger and Philippe Gaulier
Nicole Kehrberger and Philippe Gaulier teaching

In 2020 she will be teaching in Berlin one masterclass open to a maximum of 12 participants focusing on discovering each individual inner Clown .

Nicole Kehrberger
Nicole Kehrberger

“For me, every kind of existence in front of an audience begins with the body. Here I am with my whole body and mind!”  says Nicole Kehrberger that will begin her classes with intensive movement training integrating elements of acrobatics (working with the personal needs and limits of each individual), awareness, energetic dance, stretching and relaxation exercises taken from Yoga, Pilates, Shiatsu and Feldenkrais. The Masterclass will focus on discovering the sense of ridiculousness which gives tremendous freedom, ease and success on stage as well as in life. Participants will use their own personal and wonderful silliness and stupidity to be irresistibly funny. As a matter of fact everybody has his own, very personal clown which is not easy to discover. Participants will meet their inner idiot which will give them immense joy as Ms Kehrberger says : “A certain kind of human-hearted stupidity is a wonderful quality, it is a gift that is given to us by nature”.

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