“The art of remembering” A unique residency opportunity.

Naples, Italy: April 20, 2020

“the rabbit hole” collective presents “the art of remembering” ; in its first global residency program in collaboration with Fondazione Morra, Naples.


7 applicants will be selected to spend 14 days at the artist residence of Fondazione Morra and Museum Hermann Nitsch, in the heart of Naples, exploring “the art of remembering.”

We are particularly interested in those applicants with a keen interest in voyaging, journeys, ports and waterways; as well as in ancient symbols, scripts and codes through mediums such as poetry, theatre, sound, mathematics and performance to apply.

Artists will have the chance to explore the subject on their own, in a contemplative and inspiring environment, as well as collaborate and celebrate a meeting of the minds.

As part of the program, artists will get to know Naples’ creative scenes – curated by Fondazione Morra, encounter some of the city’s personalities, and immerse in the waves of the city and the surrounding seas.

This residency program is set up as a mystical inquisition so we invite the curious-minded who have a particular interest in the sublime, discovering new awake spaces, and capturing the mysterious and magical white feather to apply.

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