Our friend Barbara Pia Jenic , director of  Senzorium, sensorial theater is presenting her last work in Trieste on Wednesday December 19th . Highly reccomended !

The prophet is one of Gibran’s later writings and it encapsulates the peak of his philosophy. The Prophet is Gibran’s paraphrase of Biblical stories, his contemplation of life, everyday problems and fundamental questions that every person strives to answer from birth onwards. The central concept of the work is the thought on universal love, about the importance of the fact that human beings are defined by the ability to love. Spiritual love is the superior concept that should be leading and guiding human endeavours, especially towards a greater good, towards happiness and honest relationships.


How to approach words and thoughts, which are carefully selected, stemming from the depth of life and touching the most sensitive aspects of the human being? How to stage mystical poetry? Barbara Pia Jenič, the director and the pioneer of the sensorial theatre in Slovenia, tries to get in touch with the feelings, sensuousness and synergies in this performance. These are essential elements of Gibran’s subtle and sublime literature. The Prophet’s words challenge the void, the silence and the pause, they address the unspeakable and open the intermediate spaces to access the subconscious. This way they achieve a more comprehensive immersion of the audience in the plot of this artistic masterpiece.





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