FOUNTAIN ROAD – Roger Thorp. April 27th – 30th. BERLIN

Art Aia-La Dolce Berlin is pleased to announce our next exhibition from 27th April to 30th April 2017.Fountain Road -Roger Thorp

Let us consider a point which is moving on a trajectory – of unsteady flow- in a particular space.
Now if we want to calculate the average speed of that point in a given period of time will be enough to infer the space respect to the time. The man, representing the most fluctuating variable, defines time and space depending on its acceleration, by dividing the reality into segments and seasons.
The speed constitutes the exaltation of a natural principle of revolution. The frame is a desire to emphasize a detail, the detail of a face which is going through a process of movement.
The difficulty to embed an emotion, framing it in an effect without any cause or any consequence – but open to the second most fluctuating variable, namely the relativistic interpretation – clashes with the need to remember: the primary need to tell our motion towards the death.
Roger Thorp is the unknown factor who observes all points into space, characterizing them according to his relative-time idea. Multi-disciplinary artist, from the production of videos (clips and short films) to the composition of music, poetry, and installation, composes – gently – great literature stories, masterfully joining sections of subjects within portions of a life that seems forgotten and imperceptible by a first eye.
“My ideas come from emotional places”
It is surprising how art is directly proportional to our choice of judgment. Roger Thorp’s artworks propose an idea of slowness and patience, reason and reflection. Decelerating our perceptual speed, every detail becomes a tangible form of observation, strongly motivated by his passion for the European cinema and in particular to the new realism of 50-70 years.

“My passion has always been for the art and poetry of European Cinema. My scripts have reflected this and it has also influenced my installation practice”.

His works have been exhibited at CAST Institut, First International Video Festival, Square Eyes Istanbul, basically all around the world: Falmouth, Istanbul, Barcelona, Rome, London and so on.
In April 2013, the Little Song Films project – a web gallery devoted to short films that express the poetics of the moving image – was invited to show a slate of films at the Cornwall Art Biennale.
“My background is in film and music. In music, I am inspired by rhythmic repetition and lyrics (some of the today’s songwriters are our most inspiring poets). My writing (screenplays) has reflected this and it has also influenced the installation practice where my creative focus now lies. Creating interactive immersive work is close to a cinematic experience and the score is a key element.”

The Fine Things, particulars
Cry me a colour feed me with love
Sing me a dream sent from above
I’ll buy you a planet your special place
And bring you a movie all wrapped in lace
In May 2013 Roger Thorp installed the Fountain Project in the James Turrell Skyspace at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens and exhibited in the Millennium Gallery Winter Show. In 2014 he has held a solo show at Millennium (now Anima Mundi) and created The Waking Path at Tremenheere.
Roger Thorp transmits without filters and doubts his sensitivity towards humans, religion, focusing on refined and light mechanisms of interpretation. His work, thus, becomes a manifestation of joy, a hymn to the trip, a proclamation of existence for those who forget the why they are going towards a still unspecified location.
Roger Thorp speaks of the world as if it were a bicycle, pedaling without frenzy and lies on a society that has made the speed a required epitome of innovation.

I can’t tell a truth / Other than there’s just one place / One place that we all know / If there is beauty growing / In the light of the gas giant / Hold, gaze and forever

The free circulation of colors and faces, manipulated by a calm and careful camera, photographs the presence of one nature as involuntary motion within an abstract belief: the individual belief to be protagonists for a mass.
Roger Thorp traces a road made of rocks, landscapes, and natural elements, focusing on people without prejudice. The critical analysis of his artworks marries the childlike contemplation of a target: the human intention to hold the man from his illness and questions.
Roger Thorp does not touch the earth to feed on the crop,
but to educate it for the sowing.
The affinity between poetry and music is supported by an indispensable emotional support – using gimmicks that belong to the techniques and structure of poetry, such as the similarities, metaphors, similes, etc.

The production process of Thorp’s method is, therefore, an amalgam delicate and concocted as a theatrical work in which the subjects, objects, and complements of shooting circulate through the streets inquiring about our questions, responding to our needs, moving in a surreal motion.
Roger Thorp is the artist who keeps that old status-quo of an independent craftsman, away from mere capitalist demands, avoiding any superficial needs given by selfishness and vanity.
Curiosity is the engine of the revolution.
Roger Thorp pointed out how important is to brake even when everything seems normally agitated.
Fountain Project, inspired by the photographs of Edward Curtis and Touch The Earth (T.C. McLuhan) which Thorp found in a bookshop in Santa Rosa, will be shown at La Dolce Berlin from 27 April to 30 April. It consists of different artworks-videos like: Songs for the Hard Earth and Dreaming, Seven Billion Names of God All True, Bardo 7.08, Shelter and photographs and polaroids related to the works also.
Fountain Road project is part of an interesting art-trip which goes from Berlin to Copenhagen, from Oslo to more other places.
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